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Custom walk-in closet
Laundry room closet
Custom pantry design

A customized closet is more than just a beautiful new room—it’s an extension of your personality. Your closet is home to all kinds of garments and accessories that express who you are, and it deserves every bit as much creative attention as the rest of your home.

We design and build one-of-a-kind closets that suit the unique preferences and characters of our clients. If you’re a talented do-it-yourself decorator, we can’t wait to work alongside you! If you prefer some direction to discover your personal style, we’re just as excited to help guide you along the way.

Custom walk-in closets

Custom walk-in closet design in NH

A walk-in closet becomes a well-lit haven for your most personal belongings. It houses your style and serves as the starting place for your daily inspiration. Whether your look includes rustic hardwood, high fashion, or a sleek and modern feel, we can help you bring to life a space you never thought possible!

Custom reach-in closets

Custom reach-in closet design in NH

Reach-in closets are a classic space in every home. They’re cozy, functional, completely customizable, and the options are as limitless as your imagination. Some people crave order and organization, others want to show off their stuff with tidy displays. We revolutionize your reach-in closet with custom decor and warm aesthetics, helping you achieve your own unique passion.

How do we create custom closet spaces?

Assess the potential of your current closet for workability

Consult our broad portfolio of closet designs and styles

Decide on the design that suits your personality & meets your goals

Visualize your new closet with a digital 3D model

Create your new space with quick, clean construction

Enjoy your newly installed custom closet from Lakeshore!

We have an expansive selection of high-end closet furniture and amenities that are perfect for your unique style. If you need some creative inspiration, you can always visit our showroom!

Custom closets for NH's Lakes Region
  • Mirrors
  • Racks
  • Cubbies
  • Laundry Options
Custom closets for NH's Lakes Region
  • Baskets
  • Shelves
  • Drawers
  • Dressers
  • Vanities

Custom Closet Design & Construction in NH

A custom-built closet is a refined masterpiece that compliments your current interior design and refreshes your sense of style.

At Lakeshore Closet & Blind, we truly believe that your new closet will add enrichment to your life and increase the value of your home in so many ways. Reach out to us and share your vision!

We work within any budget and provide a consultation and quote at no charge!

After our initial meeting, your new closet will be finished in about two weeks.


We service anyone in New Hampshire with a passion for exquisite closets and window treatments. Reach out to us and share your vision today.

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Do you need creative inspiration? Visit our showroom to experience a variety of elegant closet designs and blind displays.

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